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Grow The Business


Client: Vardar Curtains

Project: Grow the business



Our client had bought the business a few years ago, and had found managing the business and growth to be challenging. Our client had managed to learn the business and had stabilised revenues.

In 2009, the CEO, Steve Filiposki, was concerned that the business was not making enough money and, he as the boss now needed some help to move the business forward. He was very tired, unfocussed and unclear about what to do next.


Our role in this assignment was to help the client to:

  • Better understand the Values and Behaviours that the MD exhibited using the Business Leaders Integrity & Values Profile, so as to allow him to understand the impact that they were having on business profitability.
  • Better understand how the organisation works so that he could better divide and manage the work.
  • Better understand the customer to cash process so that he could really understand how the business makes money
  • Better understand the revenue and profit streams - so as to be able to increase profits


  • The revenues are up 50% over the prior year, and are profits are doing just fine too.
  • The quoting process is more accurate, so that each job has the right price, and is guaranteed to make money at the quotation stage.
  • The factory is busier than ever, and has been able to absorb the increase in volume, by the implementation of some visual job tracking tools.
  • The MD is now significantly less stressed, and is able to delegate appropriate parts of the business to others.


"When we first hired Steve, our business revenue was not growing, I was working too many hours and was stressed out.

Steve helped me to focus on the important and to understand how my behaviour as MD, was having a big negative impact on the business overall.

I completed the Business Leaders Integrity and Values Profile, and took action to implement the changes in how I treated each day.

I now focus on sales and the rest of the team work to make the product. It has worked a treat.

My turnover is up - much more that I'd expected actually - I am less stressed, work is easier and I am making more money."

Steve Filiposki, MD
Vardar Curtains Pty Ltd

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