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Strategic Growth Support for a Telematics Company







Client: Telematics Company - VisionTrak

Project: Strategic Growth Support


Our client is a director of a telematics, asset tracking business. One of their businesses has recently put in for and won preferred candidate role for a A$ multi-million contract (A$0 to A$10m range) to supply and run telematics, GPS based, asset tracking technology for a client who had a fleet of 2200 passenger and other vehicles.


Our role in this assignment was:

  • To work with the General Manager to ensure that he was able to successfully land the contract.
  • To help the director what actions were necessary to manage the existing business, whilst the new contact opportunity was being won.


Action Taken

  • We created a project planning and tracking process that highlighted the important areas of the project that needed to be managed.
  • We helped the General Manager to understand what was necessary to convert a new product idea into a commercially viable and functioning product.
  • We helped the directors to better understand and manage the level of risk that the project was subject to.
  • We helped the General Manager to create a negotiation plan and tactics for dealing with the Hong Kong Chinese provider of the core technology, when they decided to change their ownership involvement and interest in the project.
  • VisionTrak was able to successfully close the contract, which over 6 years life of the contract will be worth several million dollars to them in revenue.
  • We estimate that the negotiation support we provided saved the business tens of thousands of dollars in the price that the Australian company paid to buy out the Chinese partners.
  • Our client was able to deliver a proof of concept that was accepted and approved by their clients and the clients' client.
  • Our client was able to structure his business and make organisational and employee changes so as to be able to handle the growth from the new contract alongside the existing business.


'Stephen Wood came at an extremely appropriate moment for VisionTrak.

I was the Project Sponsor, and at the time was putting in a tender for Rail Corp through Fleet Partners - a multimillion dollar six year contract.

We sought the expertise of Stephen Wood, who jumped in and enabled me to deliver the tender successfully. I can honestly say that without him we could not have landed the multimillion dollar contract.'

Alfred Mouradian, General Manager




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