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Strategy - which route to take for business profitability?

Client: Pixel Group

Project: Senior Management Advisory - Take which route to grow the business profitably





Pixel Group is a SME business that specialises in online marketing.

The MD had started and grown the business, and was now considering his strategic options for further growth. Options being considered were further organic growth, then either merge with or sell to another firm. Further, the MD was finding that he was involved in every project, was constantly being pushed for time and lacked mentoring support to move forward confidently.



Our assignment was to provide sound consulting support, so that the MD could create a clearer picture around his personal and business goals, and then create strategies to meet them.



    • The MD is now significantly clearer about his strategic growth options.He has considered and made decisions regarding organic growth, strategic alliances and merger options.
    • The business customer to cash process is more clearly defined and is consequently much significantly better managed so that gross profit margins have improved between 10% to 15%
    • The MD has learned from the Business Leader's Integrity & Values Profile, which aspects of his behaviour have positively and negatively impacted his business. He is now more aware of the situations in which his personal weaknesses are exposed and is adapting his management style accordingly.
    • The staff roles and responsibilities more clearly defined, so that the MD feels that he no longer needs to be involved in everything – and so freeing up thinking and strategic business growth time.


"Being that my professional training is that of a designer, spreadsheets were never my strong point, Stephen's process helped me to learn the basic fundamentals of strategic planning via a visual language that augmented the cold hard figures.


I found the Business Leader's Integrity & Values Profile exercise an invaluable insight into my strengths and weaknesses. I now know where I need to improve and am therefore able to take the necessary steps to improve for the benefit of myself and my business.


I have no reservation in recommending Stephen and will be calling on his services in the future."

Stephen Marovitch, Managing Director, Pixel Group


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