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Competitor Profiling & Evaluation for £1200m UK Vechicle Services Business

Client: GB £ 1200m turnover UK based vehicle services business

Project: Competitor Profiling & Evaluation


Our client, the Corporate Strategy section of a UK public limited company, was evaluating which where to invest for future business growth. We were asked to carry out competitor profiling and evaluation of 11 specifically selected target companies.


Our role in this assignment was to:

  • To act as team leader within a small group of three strategy analysts
  • To define the sources, magnitude and trends of their revenue and profit streams
  • To understand how these companies created their competitive edge
  • To compare and contrast the targets vs. our client's operations with a view to learning how the target companies had evolved, grown and created value.


  • We prepared a standard template so that all the companies could be easily compared
  • We provided a structured report that provided the requested information, based on research of publicly available information
  • We summarised and presented the findings back to our client providing value add in terms of issue and risks as well as our views of the areas of opportunity that presented themselves
  • The information was then added into the overall strategy debate at the company

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