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Making the Competition Irrelevant

Client: Integrity and

Project: Making the Competition Irrelevant


Our client has been experiencing rapid organic growth over the past few years. As a consequence of this growth, and some past business activity, a competitor had initiated the makings of a competitive campaign.

The CEO, Jennifer Elliot, was concerned that competitor action could potentially have a serious negative effect on the licencee pool and on the business overall.


Our role in this assignment was to:

  • Assist the CEO to understand the depth and extent of the concern.
  • Calm her down.
  • Structure the concern into bit size chunks, each of which had an easy to understand and executable action.
  • Help the company to take the product offering to the next stage of development.
  • Guide the company to realise that the offering it not the just the product, but is in fact the sum of all the interactions that the client has with the product, the licencees, the company itself and the ongoing support.


  • The Integrity and business is now stronger that it was 6 months ago.
  • The company understands the level of competitor threat - which has now, effectively, been made irrelevant.
  • The company has been able to increase reported profits by over A$175,000 over the next six months.


"You know, when you get a problem and you get all afraid of what the competition could do to you - you go and see someone like Steve Wood, and you gets your head straight. He sits you down and gives you a process that makes all the difference. It was short, sharp and to the point.

The four hours that he spent with me, had me relook at some of the business models that I had. I changed them immediately. We took action and I can assure you that because of his counsel, we made, at least, an extra A$175,000 in our pockets in the six months following that.

I recommend that you talk to him and if you dont, then there isnt anyone else that you can go and talk to."

Jennifer Elliot, CEO
Integrity and

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