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Create a New Management Information System

Client: Start-up UK based auto crash repair parts business

Project: Create a new management information system


Our client was entering a new market and needed help in defining a new management information system so that management could understand what was going on within the business


Our role in this assignment was to:

  • Develop from scratch a new management information system for financial & operational KPIs


We used a structured method over a four week period:

  • To understand the market drivers, which then impacted the key commercial and operational drivers
  • To construct a data flow for each stage of the value chain
    • Rollout of new workshops
    • New product cycle plan
    • New product lines
    • Financial impact of all of the above
  • To present it in easy to understand graphical format


  • We created an easy to use process that junior staff could use, and which provided the outputs that the directors needed to see.


Stephen helped us to "devise a process for reporting monthly management operational and financial information. He successfully managed the handover of the pack and working process to the incumbent team."

"Throughout the period, I have found Stephen to be an honest, hardworking and very professional senior manager, whom I would readily hire as part of my senior management team".

Alan Stedall, Managing Director
Lex Multipart Solutions

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