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Welcome to the 2nd edition of Success Enterprises Consulting Quarterly.
In this edition:

  1. Make your competition irrelevant
  2. Are your listening to Chicken Little's "The Sky is Falling" or are you going to make your own mind up about your business growth in 2009?
  3. Partnering as a Growth Strategy and a SPECIAL OFFER worth over A$500 for Success Quarterly readers

Here's to your success!
Steve Wood

"Make your competition irrelevant"

Making the Compeition Irrelevant

How easy is it to worry about what the competition are doing? Some people worry a lot and they worry to the extent that it affects their ability to think straight. If you can avoid falling into this trap you can take that energy and focus it into growing your business you will be far better off.

A client asked us this question recently. How can I avoid the potentially very painful impact of some competitor activity?

We worked with Jennifer Elliot and we helped her to think through "What are my options and what can I do now that will make a difference?"

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Are your listening to Chicken Little's "The Sky is Falling" or are you going to make your own mind up about your business growth in 2009?

The Media (aka Chicken Little) love telling us how bad it is.

Some of it may well be true. But there is a lot that they do not see and do not report ... and who is in charge of your business strategy anyway ....the journalists or you as the business leader?

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Partnering as a Growth Strategy and a SPECIAL OFFER worth over A$500 for Success Quarterly readers.

With the environment the way it is now, Hope is not a good strategy. However, Partnering for leverage can bring huge benefits.

One of our Associates, Robin Power is the MD of the Asia-Pacific hub of Affinity MakerTM. Robin, who was recently interviewed by Business Essentials Magazine, is one of Australia's experts who are able to help business in the area of partnerships and alliances.

In our view, leveraging partnerships and alliances as a growth strategy is definitely better than HOPE.


Readers of Success Quarterly, can save over A$500 by contacting Affinity MakerTM and learning more about B1G1

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Making the Competition Irrelevant

Last year, the CEO of a business which had been experiencing rapid organic growth over the past few years came to us because they were concerned about competitor activity.

The CEO, Jennifer Elliot, was concerned that this activity could potentially have a serious negative effect on the distribution part of the business - the licencees.


  • Jennifer is now comfortable that by accelerating her company's development, she had opened a huge gap between them and her - giving her a huge advantage and effectively making the competition irrelevant.
  • Jennifer said.....

"You know, when you get a problem and you get all afraid of what the competition could do to you - you go and see someone like Steve Wood, and he gets your head straight. He sits you down and gives you a process that makes all the difference. It was short, sharp and to the point.

The four hours that he spent with me, had me relook at some of the business models that I had. I changed them immediately. We took action and I can assure you that because of his counsel, we made, at least, an extra A$175,000 in our pockets in the six months following that."

Jennifer Elliot, CEO, Integrity and


Thank you Jennifer.

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Are you listening to Chicken Little's "The Sky is Falling" or are you going to make your own mind up about your business growth in 2009?

  • The Media (aka Chicken Little) love telling us how bad it is. Some of it may well be true. But there is a lot that they do not see and do not report

  • In a business networking meeting of around 30 people that I attended in Feb, I asked an open question to the people in the room. "Put your hand up if you have experience business growth in the last 6 months". Then I asked who in the room had experienced flat or negative growth in the last six months.

  • The results were interesting. Around half of the people had experience growth and were really busy. About 25% had experience level business activity or decline in business. The other quarter either did not know, were too shy to tell us, or it was too early on the morning for them to think!

  • I agree, it is not a scientific foolproof method, but is does beg the question ... who is in charge of our business strategy? The Journalists or us as leaders of your businesses? I will put my money on business people over journalists any day of the week.

  • The trick will be to have a robust idea and plan about what you can do NOW to help you to weather the storm, and to be in a good position for when the consumers and your B2B clients wake up and start spending more liberally. They are still spending now, it is just that they are being more picky about who they spend their money with.

  • There are plenty of good ways in which you can develop a focussed plan.

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Partnering as a Growth Strategy

By Robin Power. Managing Director - Asia Pacific Hub at Affinity MakerTM.

Using partnership leverage is a very effective way to raise the level of success and reduce the time to achieve your revenue growth objectives.

Leverage: More results with less effort
  • Doing everything by yourself and not partnering = No Leverage

  • Creating strategic alliances and partnerships = Contact & Credibility Leverage

Leverage: More results with less effort.
"Give me a lever long enough and I will move the world" Archimedes

Establishing partnerships or alliances is an innovative way to cost-effectively develop new business by leveraging off another organisation's credibility and/or customer base.

Successful examples of companies which have used partnerships and alliance to great effect include:

  • Tesco, the UK's largest supermarket chain,
  • Manchester United, a publicly listed premier league soccer club and
  • Virgin, the extremely well known brand which sells everything from records to airline tickets.


Alliances and partnerships might seem like a big business concept. However, it could be something as straightforward as joining forces with your local gym to promote health products or linking together a store selling sewing machines with a fabric store.

Some of the benefits you could obtain from establishing partnerships and alliances include:

  • Grow revenue by developing new revenue streams
    • Penetrate new markets, Customer segments, Geographical expansion
  • Sell a new product or service to core customers (brand extension)
  • Establish new distribution channels
  • Drive footfall or improve retention of customers or members
  • Accelerate market entry
  • Stimulate usage of loyalty / credit / account cards


Leverage: More results with less effort
"I would rather earn one percent of the efforts of 100 people
than 100 percent of my own efforts."
J. Paul Getty, Billionaire/Oil Magnate

For example, wouldn't it be great to be able to target the database of an organisation with pre-profiled clients who exhibit the buying behaviour your business looks for?

Affinity MakerTM has now developed an online tool called the Affinity EngineTM.The tool allows businesses to profile themselves and fast-track the identification of potential partner organisations for your business. To learn more visit or contact Robin Power on +61 404 114 751

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Special Offer

We have organised something special worth over A$500 for those who subscribe to Success Quarterly.

We are always on the lookout for ways in which we can help our clients grow and create a point of difference in the market place.

Just imagine if you owned an accounting practice and every time you filled out a tax return for a client, a child was given a weeks' worth of mathematics lessons. What if you owned a café and every time you sold a cup of coffee, a litre of clean drinking water was provided somewhere it was really needed. Wouldn't it be cool if every time a customer did a particular type of transaction with your business, they would in turn be giving something meaningful to someone else, automatically?

Think what would happen to your sales and revenue generation results?

Well, this is the world of Buy1GIVE1, (B1G1), the home of transaction based giving. Every time someone buys something from a business that is part of the Buy1GIVE1 community, there is a specific effortless contribution made to a Worthy Cause that is selected by that business.

Buy1GIVE1 transaction based giving is a very powerful marketing tool, if used appropriately. For short case studies just focused on results, listen to how three companies have implemented B1G1 within their business on the first video at 1:49 - 5:01

Because of the value B1G1 offers, Affinity MakerTM decided to become a B1G1 active sponsor. When their Asia Pacific Hub Managing Director, Robin Power mentioned B1G1 to us, it made perfect sense as our clients are always on the look out for ways in which they can grow their business and create a point of difference in their market place.

We have arranged that if you contact Affinity MakerTM and ultimately end up using their services, and decide to commit to becoming a transaction based giving organisation, then Affinity MakerTM will pay the annual Buy1GIVE1 business membership (US$365: approx A$550) for your business and they will help you work through the process to make transaction based giving a reality in your organisation.

To take advantage of this offer, click Send email and one of the Affinity MakerTM team will contact you to learn more about your needs, or contact Robin Power on +61 404 114 751

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