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Business Leaders Integrity and Values Profile

Helping you to select, build and manage a High Performing Team


Want to make sure you're recruiting the right people?

When you're recruiting for a senior role, a mistake at recruitment time can cost you a lot. But imagine knowing what to ask even before the interview. Imagine being confident that your penetrating questions will give you a deep insight into the candidate, even before you meet them.

With the right questions, you can get the answers and data you need to make an informed recruitment decision.


Want to get your top team heading in the same direction?

Is your top team not performing the way you know it should? How much better would your organisation perform if the top team understood their own values and behaviours and how they impacted on the rest of the team.

Imagine being able to filter out the people who are "putting on a show" for you, are "trying too hard to be too nice", or are simply "not telling you the whole story all the time" so that you miss things, projects are late and over budget and the organisation suffers as a consequence.


Want to be a better leader?

Use the Business Leader's Integrity and Values Profile to assess how you rate, and then use that
information to help yourself to be a better business leader.
The Integrity and Values Profiling System helps business leaders get the most from their staff and teams. Used in conjunction with other management and leadership tools, it gives senior leaders the data they need to drive the people that drive the business.

The system is the result of extensive research into leadership and integrity in Australia. In a world first, we established what leaders wanted to know:

  • about their people
  • about how they can effectively manage and develop them
  • about how to make good recruitment decisions based on solid verifiable data


What you get from The Business Leader's Integrity and Values Profile

  • Your own personal profile and evaluation using the Integrity and Values Profiling System.
  • You will complete a simple and easy to do, online questionnaire.
  • You will receive a detailed report to keep with practical and usable information
  • You will spend up to TWO hours with one of Success Enterprises Consulting's accredited consultants who will explain to you in private, the meaning and power behind your report


What you'll find out

  • The Integrity and Values Profiling System tells you the following key things about you:
  • What your 'default style' is under pressure.
  • What your personal level of integrity is.
  • How you manage yourself, your work and your relationships.
  • How forward thinking you are.
  • How honest you are about yourself.
  • How hard you work to make an impression, whether good or bad.


How will the results help you?

  • Using the Integrity and Values Profiling System will help you to:
  • Be able to better understand the key values that direct your day to day behaviour.
  • Learn how visionary you are for your business
  • Know what you are good or poor at when it comes to handling people, projects and getting things done.
  • Learn how you will typically let yourself down in a business situation
  • Learn how you will let others down in that same situation
  • Learn how much you are trying to be too nice
  • Know how you rate when compared to the 3000 other Australian and NZ people who have also completed the profile - so are you really as good as you think or are you 'just average' but work hard to make up for it?


At the end of the session, you will have

  • some eye-opening insights into how your personal values and integrity drive your behaviours, which drive the results that you get, and
  • you will have a simple 3-4 step plan that you can start to work on immediately to get better results out of your business activity.
  • Then use this insight to make changes and accelerate your business


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Want to find out more?

Download a free white paper with detailed information about the Business Leaders Integrity and Values Profiling System.

If you want to select and build a high performing team, call 0424 325 763 NOW for a free initial discussion with one of our accredited consulting staff.

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